Monday, April 20

Benefit Do The Hoola

I've been doing the Hoola pretty much since I started bronzing, which lets face it, was a long time ago. Of course, my style of bronzing has changed somewhat, and it's less "all over Tango applied in the school toilets" and more of a chisled contour now, but Hoola has seen me through my make up years and so it will forever have a fond place in my heart.

Last week, on QVC, Benefit launched the Do The Hoola kit which includes Benefits first ever liquid Hoola- Dew The Hoola, which is a lovely and sheer product and blends beautifully, but what I love most, is that it's still completely matte, which is what I love most about Hoola.

The kit includes an Ultra Plush gloss in the shade Hoola, a They're Real Mascara, a teeny tiny Hoola bronzer which I think is super adorable, Dew The Hoola and a Benebalm which are all very popular products, so if you haven't tried any of them or if you're quite simply a fan and want to get your hands on the cute miniatures, then this is well worth a buy.

Available exclusive to QVC, Do The Hoola costs £25.50.

Do you do the Hoola? What's your favourite Benefit products?

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Saturday, April 18

Neom Real Luxury Bath Foam

Since becoming a mum, when I have the opportunity to experience any kind of down time, I'm all about relaxation.

When it comes to candles, bath foams and the like, I honestly can't get enough of luxurious scents and can now fully appreciate the goodness of essential oils.

Although I must admit, any bath is a good bath nowadays, with the addition of this Neom Organics Real Luxury Bath Foam, words can't quite describe how incredible a bath time I have.

"Scent to make you feel good" is the perfect description of this product and I find it's an essential product to create a moment of zen and leaves me feeling incredibly calm, relaxed and stress-free.

Lavender, Jasmine and Brazillian Rosewood are the fragrance notes carried through the product, which together create a spa like soothing blend of luxury and if you're like me and look forward to a single moment of relaxation or if you're into luxurious products as a day to day thing, then I honestly can't recommend this enough.

Costing £22.00 for 200ml of product, this definitely costs more than the standard bubbles, but for the way it makes you feel, it's more than worth it in my opinion.

I'm off for a long soak, but I'd love to know whether you've tried this and what relaxing products you love.


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Friday, April 17


As a huge fan of Bobbi Brown, you'll only ever catch me praising their launches and needless to say, with new shades launched into their lipstick line, I'm a happy girl.

In response to requests from make up artists around the world, Bobbi Brown have introduced more shades into their Creamy Lip Colour, Creamy Matte Lip Colours and Sheer Lip Colour lines.

With 29 new shades over the three different formulas, there's for sure a shade to suit every skin tone, style and occasion and with the four that I have tried being absolutely dreamy, I have a very good feeling about the other 25 and can't wait to try a few next time I visit a counter.

Pale Beach 25 (Creamy Matte Lip Colour), Shell 26 (Sheer Lip Colour), Mandarin 28 3(Creamy Lip Colour) and Pink Flush 31 (Sheer Lip Colour) are equally beautiful but I am particularly blown away by Shell, which is a Peachy tone and already in the few weeks that I've owned it, it's become a make up bag essential. 

Available now, the new shades will cost the normal price of £19.50 each and can be purchased at Bobbi Brown stores and counters in the likes of Selfridges and John Lewis.


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Thursday, April 9

Selfridges Agender Beauty Box

When a store like Selfridges puts together a beauty box, you can be pretty damn sure that what's going to be inside that box will be special. 

Today, Selfridges launched a limited edition beauty box to fall alongside their current Agender campaign, which challenges boundaries and celebrates genderless fashion. Pieces such as trench coats and skate shoes- two things that I love, fall within their fashion campaign and inside the beauty box is as follows.

NARS Mini Eye Liner
Illamasqua Black Mascara
Verso Face Cream
Lancaster Tan Maximiser
Kiehl's Ultra-Facial Cleanser
Konjac Sponge
Demologica Conditioning Body Wash
OPI- Tickle My Francy
OCC Lip Tar- Hollywood

Before the price even comes into the equation, what we have here is nine of Selfridges favourite beauty products and personally, seven products that I am particularly so happy to have opened the box to.

With a combined value of £108, the Agender Beauty Box costs just £30 and if you're interested in getting one for yourself, you can sign up on the Selfridges website to be the first to know when it lands.

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Thursday, March 26


It's ok to admit it's hard.
It's ok to ask for help.
It's ok to worry.
It's ok to make use of family and friends offers to babysit- go out and be you.
It's ok to want to be "you" again, even if it's just a little bit of the old with all of the new.
It's ok to take five minutes fresh air during a scream fest.
It's ok not be be ok.
It's ok if you want to breastfeed.
It's ok if you don't want to breastfeed.
It's ok if you can't breastfeed.
It's ok if you have to stop breastfeeding.
It's ok if you spend the day in your pyjamas.
It's ok if you're not into mummy baby dates.
It's ok if they're the only thing keeping you sane.
It's ok if you give your baby a dummy.
It's ok if you haven't showered all day.
It's ok to cry when you do get in the shower.
Dads, it's ok if you feel left out. Your partner still loves you, it's just, she's a mum now too.
It's ok to use formula milk.
Just like it's ok to use ready made pouches- Ella's Kitchen, I salute you.
It's ok to moan about how tired you are.
It's ok to sigh when someone tells you to "make the most of it". You are. You're just tired today.
It's ok if you haven't shifted your baby weight- who even has time for that?
It's ok if your baby isn't doing what another baby the same age is.
It's ok to not follow "the rules".  You know what's best for your baby.
It's ok to think your baby is the cutest thing ever. They are. Upload and share every bloody moment.
It's also ok to take hundreds of photos a day- going back to the annoying "make the most of it" thing, you won't get this time back.
It's ok if you forgot the nappies. Or the wipes. These things happen. You're tired.
It's ok if your baby isn't into that amazing routine that the other mums baby is in- your baby is probably cuter.
It's ok to consider nursery/childminding/other. You do what you have to do.
It's ok to invite yourself over to the other mums table at playgroup. I'm sure they'll be so happy to have another friend to moan to.
It's ok for dad's to go to playgroup too. We're all there for the same thing.
It's ok if your baby is the one throwing tantrums. Babies cry and I bet the other mums just got lucky that day.
It's ok to rely on CBeebies once in a while (or once a day)
and finally, it's ok. It's all gonna be ok.

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Monday, March 23

Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet- 10, 11, 12


This time last year, I blogged about my love for the Bourjois Rouge Velvet Lipsticks and still using them now and loving them just as much as I did on launch, it would come as no surprise that I was absolutely thrilled when I heard Bourjois were launching some new shades, ready for Spring.

In three new shades, 10 Don't Pink Of It, 11 So Hap'Pink and 12 Beau Brun are all an absolute pleasure to add to my collection and I can't get enough of the lipstick meets lacquer formula.

With the same lightweight formula that the Rouge Edition Velvet lipsticks carried in the previous shades, for products with a matte finish, these sit on the lips really comfortably and don't feel too drying in the slightest. 

There's something that I have noticed is slightly different to the three new additions and that's that there seems to be a slight product'y scent/taste to them. I'm not completely sure what it is and I'm not too keen on it, but scent aside, these are still beautiful products and I'm sure I will use them just as much as I have used 01 Personne ne Rouge, 04 Peach Club and 05 OlĂ© Flamingo in the past year. 

My favourite of the three new shades is most definitely 10 Don't Pink Of It, which again, is probably no surprise, but I do really like the other two as well and think that Beau Brun is a great transitional shade to see me through the end of these chilly months and into the beginning of Spring. 

Available this month, Bourjois' latest shades will be found alongside the rest of the range costing £8.99 each.

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Sunday, March 22

Clinique Pop Lip Colour + Primers- 04, 05, 06

With an influx of lipsticks launching at the moment, it seems that SS15 is going to be all about the lips and Clinique's latest offering is the one that I must admit, so far, has wowed me the most.

Clinique's Pop Lips offer a 2 in 1 type formula that works as both a high pigmented lip colour and a smoothing primer. I've had the opportunity to try three extremely pretty shades; 04 Beige Pop, 05 Melon Pop and 06 Poppy Pop and honestly on first, second and third impressions, these are pretty incredible and I can't get enough.

Easily applied with the softest, balm like of formulas, these give a high pigmentation of long lasting colour as well as sitting on the lips incredibly comfortably and with a bonus blend of Shea and Murumuru Butters, provide the ultimate moisture and nourishment for your lips.

Available in sixteen Nude, Tawnie, Pink and Violet shades, Clinique Pop Lip Colour + Primer's cost £16.00 each and are currently exclusive to Boots until 17th April when they will be rolled out at Clinique counters nationwide.

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Wednesday, March 4

Smashbox Be Legendary Long-Wear Lip Lacquer

It's been a while since I tried anything new from Smashbox, I think the last thing was probably the Full Exposure Palette which I'm still absolutely obsessed with, but when I saw of these new Be Legendary Long-Wear Lip Lacquers launching, I had a feeling they would be my sort of thing and I couldn't wait to give them a go.

Available in 18 shades (20 in the US), which in itself is pretty incredible, the idea of these Long-Wear Lip Lacquers is that they have been formulated to deliver a high amount of pigmentation along with comfort and longevity. I would say they're more of a gloss in terms of formula, finish and shine, but with the fancy high pigmentation that a lipstick would give. 

With ingredients such as Vitamin E, the product feels comfortable on the lips and is in no way shape or form drying. The high pigment sticks around for a fair while, but once it does break down, it leaves a natural stain on the lips which you would expect from something with so much pigment in it.

I've been using the shades Calypso and Pink Social and I'm sure you can guess, Calypso is probably my favourite of the two. They're not the sort of shades that I'm constantly reaching for at the moment, but once Spring springs, I'm sure they'll be on rotation.

Available to buy now at Smashbox counters, they cost £19 each.

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